Don Butt Auto Body is committed to Excellence!

We are located at 86 Russett Ave. Oshawa, ON, L1G 3R5

We will restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition, providing a full explanation of repairs needed, a computerized estimate, and national lifetime warranty!

 Our auto body repair technicians have over 40 years experience, and are highly trained and certified to perform factory-standard repair work on all makes and models!

Don Butt Auto Body is a proud member of the Collision Solutions Network (CSN).  We meet rigid and strict CSN requirements in leading edge, insurance-based collision repair and business integrity in order to remain a member year after year.

Working at the leading edge of today’s technology, Don Butt Auto Body offers integrity, honesty, and transparent reporting in collision repair and specialty restoration work.

As a prominent member of the exclusive Collision Solutions Network (CSN), Don Butt Auto Body has adopted a lean management system, traditionally only offered in manufacturing, customer service and e-management sectors.

Adopting best practices in our collision processing, Don Butt Auto Body specializes in:


Don Butt Auto Body supports green efforts and has in place cutting-edge practices of environmental waste recovery systems, recycling systems and exclusive use of water-based environmentally rated products.

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